30-08-2013 – Layered Reality Productions joins forces with Freia Music!

lrp_freiaHappy news from LRP HQ as we can announce that we will be joining forces with the Prog-rock ambassadors of FREIA Music!

FREIA Music is a non-profit label from the Netherlands which focuses on Progressive Rock in a broad sense. Bands from FREIA’s roster include names such as Sylvium, The Aurora Project, Day Six, Cliffhanger and Profuna Ocean to name a few. The label’s prog focus is both a logical and practical match with LRP’s bands as progrock and progmetal are in the end connected to one another. However the differences between these two labels will be prevalent throughout.

Here’s what LRP main-man Tom had to say about this collaboration:

“LRP has been something of a self-contained unit for a while now and as much as I enjoyed working that way, I felt that it was wise to branch out to see if we could find likeminded souls who are into promoting the prog/symfo/avant-garde genre’s as much as we are.

Working together with FREIA music makes complete sense to me as the work ethic of these guys is exactly the same as ours. It almost feels like Peter (the main man behind FREIA MUSIC) and I have been doing this for years and that’s a good feeling! I’m really happy with this new partnership and I think it can be beneficial for both involved groups.”

Peter, the main man behind FREIA Music, also commented on the collaboration:

“Although musically speaking progressive metal and progressive rock are neighbouring styles our markets are quite different. I believe the collaboration is mutually beneficial. Both for LRP and FREIA Music but also for the artists on both labels.

Another key factor for me is the fact that Tom is a great guy to work with. I’m looking forward to working with him and his artists.”

For more information about FREIA Music, you can check out their website at: http://www.freia-music.com/