03-08-2013 – Mind:Soul parts ways with synth player.

mindsoul_promo2Surprising and saddening news just came in, as Mind:Soul has announced that their synth player Roland le Fèvre is no longer a part of their line-up. This is the second person to leave Mind:Soul this year after drummer Raul Tămaş left in February of this year. Here is the full statement that the band released on it’s website today.

“… We won’t beat around the bush here, we got some sad news to share. After working with us for two years straight we have to say goodbye to our synth player Roland le Fèvre.

Roland has been a part of Mind:Soul since the early days and has contributed to all releases and live gigs so far. The reasons for this decision are both personal and band-related. The decision was made as a mutual agreement and there are no hard feelings on both sides. Roland will be involved with Mind:Soul from the sidelines in one way or another in the future so he will certainly not leave our scope…

…This is of course a sad occassion, but we will keep working on the album in the coming months and we will do our best to make it as good and awesome as we can! More news will be given when it is available! …”

Mind:Soul will not be searching for a new Synth Player right now, but the search for a drummer still continues. If you are interested, you can check out the poster link to the left to see what the band is looking for. (Be aware that the poster is written in Dutch.)

Mind:Soul‘s debut-album “The Way It Should Be” will be released worldwide through Layered Reality Productions both physically and digitally. More info will be given when it is available.