15-07-2013 – Holiday wishes and a small break for the LRP staff

Have a great summer, everyone!Summer has arrived and that means that the time of sunlight, booze, festivals and relaxing is upon us!

The same goes for us here at LRP headquarters as we will be taking the coming months off to regroup and take some well-deserved relaxation time. Work on the webstore and social media services will continue, but our main occupation (promoting new releases and introducing you to new exciting bands and artists!) will proceed again around August/September of this year.

We can also tell you that the autumn and winter of this year are shaping up to become very musical and challenging with new releases from bands such as Dimaeon, Mind:Soul & Unforeseen Motion lining up! So when we return, we’ll return with a bang!

We hereby want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and has been so kind to check out our releases and help spread the word about us and our bands. It is verily appreciated as always!

The Layered Reality Productions team wishes you all a great summer with lots of relaxation, good music and positive vibes!