01-07-2013 – Mind:Soul unleashes FIVE new live video’s!

mindsoul_promo2After wrapping up the gigs that were planned, the guys from Mind:Soul have taken their retreat into the studio where they are working and wrapping up their debut-album “The Way It Should Be”.

However, the guys have made sure that in the meantime there will be enough things to watch and listen to, to keep everyone interested and the first part of this promise has been delivered today!

Today the band uploaded five new songs to Youtube, documenting their live performance at the Musicon venue in The Hague on the 15th of June 2013. The five songs can be found in a youtube playlist by following the link below:


Here is what the band members had to say about these video’s:

“…We planned for the Musicon gig to bring a few camera’s for our own viewing and improvement because we always do that. We don’t necesarrily like to watch ourselves that much, but it’s always a great way to learn and improve. The gig turned out to be very energetic however and that vibe really came across on video in our opinion.

So we decided to take the best songs and edited those for your youtube viewing pleasure! All audio in these video’s is as raw as it gets and taken from the three camera’s we had, so there’s a few screw-ups here and there, but mostly we are proud of what we did that night. Besides, we are just humans after all right? 馃槈

We are also planning on editing the show we played at de Peppel in Zeist in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for that show to arrive on youtube as well!…”

In the meantime, Mind:Soul is also searching for a new drummer to strengthen their ranks. For more information about their drummer search you can check out the wanted poster that they made by clicking the thumbnail below.