03-06-2013 – Adeia released their debut-album Hourglass today!

Adeia - Promotional Picture 2012And with the start of June and this new workweek, we can now bring you the debut-album from Avant-Garde Progressive Metallers Adeia!

Their first album Hourglass is now officially available through the LAyered Reality Productions webstore. You can order your copy by following the link below:


The album is a 40+ minute musical tour-de-force that can be described as a combination of Classical Music, Progressive Metal and Avant-Garde Exploration that sounds unlike any other band or project out there. Vocal points in Adeia’s music are the classical sound of the violin and cello, combined with hard-hitting metal. On top of this musical tapestry lies a combination of male and female vocals which provide the reflective lyrics with gusto. Also Death grunts and screams are utilised to express the rage and anger hidden in the musical and lyrical content.

The band released an album teaser last month to show what the album would bring, which you can view below:

So, if you like what you hear, be sure to support Adeia by buying their album and liking their facebook page! You can also stay on top of the latest news regarding the band that way, so be sure to take part in it if you can!