26-05-2013 – Mind:Soul shares two new live video’s and studio updates!

mindsoul_promo2After not updating their website and newsfeeds for a while, the men in Mind:Soul have recently given a sign of life showing that work on the debut-album is going as planned!

This is what the band had to share on their website:

“…Right now we are in the process of tracking the synthparts and the album is now starting to show it’s true colors in terms of instrumentation and emotions. We already had a few moments in the studio that we felt that we might just be on to something really intense in terms of musical and lyrical content. This record will become an intense ride, that’s for sure!

However we don’t just have plain news to share, because we can now finally also present you with some new live video’s! We had some technical issues regarding the video department, so it took a lot longer to get these video’s together, but we can now give you video material from our gigs at De Barracuda (Raul’s goodbye gig which we played with Jinx) and the gig at Café Extase. (Kaat’s Chaos with Gilo & Sobek) We know the sound quality isn’t perfect in these video’s, but at least you can get a taste of what the gigs where like in terms of energy and live-feeling…”

The mentioned live video’s can be found by following the links below: