30-04-2013 – Adeia announces release-date and details for debut-album

Adeia, the avant-garde progressive metal band that joined LRP in the beginning of this year, has been working hard on finalizing their debut-album for a release in 2013 and finally they have announced details about this release!

Laura ten Voorde, Adeia‘s violin player, singer and spokesperson, had the following to say regarding this upcoming record:

“Yay, it’s finally happening! It’s very cool that our debut-album will finally be released into the world! We worked very hard to make this album as intense and emotional as it is now and we hope that it will reach many, many listeners worldwide!

Technically, this album was released before by ourselves in 2012, but we found out that it was hard to get out there on our own. Therefore it’s great that we can now share this album through Layered Reality and meet new musical friends along the way! We want to use this opportunity to get out there and play as many stages as possible. We have the urge to play for a while now and it’s starting to itch, so we’re glad to get this party started!”

The debut-album will be entitled “Hourglass” and it will feature the following tracks:

1: Cordyceps
2: Providence
3: Hourglass
4: Filling The Void
5: Inheritance

The album will be released on on the 3rd of June, 2013. The artwork is designed by Black Water White Noise. The album will also be released on Itunes & Amazon in digital format