28-04-2013 – Unforeseen Motion shares album news and new visuals!

ufm_livepic1Unforeseen Motion shared a small sign of life with us earlier this year (You can find that update here) but Jelmer has now finally given us some more information to take in. After releasing the “Breaking The Glass armor”-EP in 2011, Jelmer has been working on-and-off on Unforeseen Motion‘s debut-album. (The project had also been on a small hiatus in the meantime.) Here’s what he had to say:

“…It has taken it’s sweet time, but I am happy to share some more album news with all of you guys and girls! The album is written for about 95% by now and quite a lot of parts have also been recorded. Drums and Guitars are (mostly) done now. The bass guitars will be recorded by Ivar de Wit (also known as the ex-bass player for Grimhorde) and he will start recording his parts soon as well.

And after all that, I will be working on the Synths, Orchestras and…Vocals! Yes, you heard it correctly, the album will also feature vocals this time! I can’t tell you who will be responsible for the vocals yet, but I can assure you that it will become rockin’! However, there will also be a considerable ammount of Instrumental tracks on the record to stay with the original spirit of this project. I really wanted to challenge myself with these songs and I can say that this album will be darker and more diverse. There’s a few slower and heavier songs on there, but also some of the fastest riffs I have ever recorded. I really think this album will be a step forward from the groundwork I have laid down with the first EP.

Finally, I wanted to share some songtitles with you to get you interested. These are: “The Fight…”, “…Of Salvatore”, “Chamber Of Agony” & “Flying Over Battlefields”. Hopefully, this information and these titles will get you guys fired up about this release, because I know I am!”

Unforeseen Motion has released a new logo and a few new promotional pictures today to herald the new direction that the project will be taking. More information about Unforeseen Motion’s debut-album will be shared with you through the usual channels when it is available.