22-04-2013 – TDW announces tracklist and details for “internet album”

press1With irregular updating being common place for TDW, a surprising message came in today as there are now concrete plans for the upcoming TDW internet record that is slated for this year. Here is what Tom had to share with us on his website:

“…My plans have been and still are to release a new “internet-record” this year and work on that is progressing as it should! The album is shaping up to become a collection of heavy and diverse tracks that some of you might already know, but not in the shape they are now! The new record will be called “Music To stand Around And Feel Awkward To” and it will be available for free through this website (TDWmusic.com) for everyone to download, listen to and share!

I can also share a tracklist with you guys, to give you a taster of what’s to come. The tracklist will be as follows:

1: Some Things, Part 1
2: Chameleon
3: Surface Scratching
4: Home
5: When Butterflies Turn To Stones
6: Jimmy
7: Some Things, Part II

The above mentioned list of tracks is of course subject to change, but these tracks will be featured no matter what!

As you can see the album features some “familiar” titles, as well as new ones. The “old” songs, have gotten a major overhaul both in terms of sound, composition and vocal delivery. And the new tracks will uh… NO! I’m not gonna spoil it. You’ll hear it, when it’s ready! There will also be a host of guest musicians and collaborators present on this album to give the music more layers and depth.

And I am also happy to announce that my old artwork partner-in-crime Maarten Gunsing will be in charge of creating the pictures that accompany the music on this record! And to get into the artwork side: plans are to release this album in a limited edition physical form as well. We are still working out the details surrounding that package, but the plan is to create a special package that will be worth your time and money!

I will give you more updates about the guest musicians in the weeks leading up to the album’s release…”

The limited physical edition of “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” will be released through Layered Reality Productions this year.