26-02-2013 – Insidiae calls it quits.

Insidiae - Band PictureInsidiae brings out a heavy announcement today, as they will cease their activities as a band. The band had been silent for the last couple of months after a host of member changes and problems that they had to face. The original decision was to put the band on hold for a while, but it now seems that the band won’t return again.

The band’s spokesperson and now ex-drummer Jelle Hamstra, had the following to say about this

“Yes, the thing I have feared has finally come to pass. We recently had a good talk about the future of the band and have decided that it is for the better to end the Insidiae story here. A few of the now ex-members are involved in new projects and basically there is no real sense in continuing with Insidiae anymore.

We have had a good ride with ups and downs in our three years of existence. We can look back on this adventure feeling proud of what we have accomplished. We hereby want to thank all the people who supported us through good and bad times and we hope to see you all again when we are focusing on new musical endeavours.”

Insidiae’s album Where Demons Dare will remain on sale in the Layered Reality Productions webstore for those interested who want to support the members.

You can get the album here.

The album is also still available for listening on the Layered Reality youtube channel.