16-02-2013 – Mind:Soul has some sad news to share

mindsoul_promo2The progmetal enthusiasts from Mind:Soul seemed to have a very good year in store for them. But unfortunately, some very sad news reached us regarding the band’s line-up and possible future plans. The band issued the following statement on their website:

“We won’t beat around the bush, we have to bring you some sad news today:

Our good friend and awesome drummer Raul will be leaving us.

Yes, you read it correctly, Raul, who has been our drummer for two years and one of the main characters in Mind:Soul’s history is going to leave us. The main reason for this is a personal one which we don’t want to elaborate upon. We (being a band and good friends) tried to find a solution to the problems at hand, but unfortunately there is no workable solution present. We are all good friends and we therefore are all struck by this news.

So as you can probably understand, a few things are going to change for Mind:Soul in the coming months.

First of all, we are still going to play the gig on the 2nd of March as that will be our goodbye gig for Raul. So this will be the last chance (for now) to see him hit the skins with us. Be sure to be there to have a great farewell party with us.

We also had gigs planned which Raul cannot attend to in April, but a good friend of ours has come to our rescue. Rik Bruineman (Elemental Journey, Ex-A New Dawn, Ex-Galanor and ex-Silent Edge) will be helping us play those gigs and for that we are very grateful. Rik will for now play the gigs we have planned and we will be looking for a permanent replacement once the gigs have been played and the storm has lowered a bit.

Work on the album will continue as well and Raul’s parts have already been recorded, so he will most certainly leave his mark on that record with us. The album release will be postponed somewhat as we originally planned to release it in the spring of this year, but we don’t want to rush things in this mindset. We will tell you about a release-date as soon as we have everything figured out.

And finally, the Musicon gig will be replaced date-wise. We will be playing at Musicon and as soon as we have a final date ready, you will be the first to know!”

You can check out the giglist on the official Mind:Soul website for a list of gigs that are planned.