20-01-2013 – Mind:Soul announces first gigs for 2013!

mindsoul_promo2The year 2013 is going off on a flying start for Mind:Soul as the first set of gigs have been announced for them!

The guys in Mind:Soul had the following to say about these developments:

“…Finally we get to play live again! Our last gig was in October of last year and basically since then we have had a terrible itchy feeling to get back on stage! We want to make up for lost time in 2012. We wanted to play more live shows then we were actually able to do, so having some new dates ahead of us is a great feeling!

We are still working on getting more gigs in 2013, so the small list you see right now will be growing bigger and bigger. If you want to stay on top of things, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the official website, facebook and our new twitter account once in a while. We hope to see you all on the road soon! …”

Mind:Soul has confirmed the following shows for 2013 so far:

Date     Venue     Place     Price
02-03-2013     Barracuda Bar     Hilversum     € 2,50
02-04-2013     Café Extase     Tilburg     Free Entry!
27-04-2013     Musicon     Den Haag     € 3

To stay on top of new shows and developments regarding Mind:Soul, you can visit one of the websites below: