22-11-2012 – An announcement regarding BTL2012 DVD’s

Murphy’s Law… The one thing that always comes around when you least want it. We have been experiencing Murphy’s Law for the last couple of weeks.

We have been working hard on finishing the first shipment of BTL 2012 DVD’s (and we had to fix quite some issues in that process.) thinking that we would have the first shipment ready on the release-date for the press and the first buyers.

But unfortunately (as is almost tradition by now.) a few production errors slipped into the first batch of DVD’s… This basically means that we have a huge stack of un-useable DVD’s lying here now which cannot be sent out to the customers. (Unless you would want to have a DVD that doesn’t play, but we highly doubt that.)

Trust us when we say that we are equally and probably even more frustrated by this as some of you are. There’s nothing more annoying then being dependent on other people and not getting a good product in the end.

The solution is being worked on as we speak. A new production company has taken up the DVD for pressing. We hope to have the first proper batch of DVD’s in the coming weeks. (2 weeks max as they told us.) Once the DVD’s are ready, we will start sending out DVD’s ASAP.

We want to make our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay. (Even though we couldn’t do anything to change it!)

We know that the wait will be worth it, so please be patient and bare with us.