12-11-2012 – Mind:Soul releases their new EP (And website!)

After having some productional setbacks in their plans, the men in Mind:Soul have finally (and proudly) released their new EP called Patterns 1.5 on the 12th of November.

Patterns 1.5 is a new version of their original Patterns EP which was released in November of 2011. This new version features re-recorded drums & vocals, new artwork and a completely new mix to lift the songs to a higher level.

This EP is now available as a physical version featuring five tracks, being:
1: Circus Of Fear
2: Patterns
3: For You
4: Selling Lies
5: Caught (Live @ BTL 2012)

The final track on this EP was recorded live during the Breaking The Layers 2012 gig held earlier this year in April. This track can also be found on the BTL2012 DVD release.

You can find the promotional trailer for the EP at this link:

And next to releasing this new EP, they also released a brand-new website. This site can be found at:

The website now features all the pictures and video material that the band has gathered so far as well as full music previews. The new version of Circus Of Fear can be streamed right from the website as well.

Mind:Soul has also announced that the album The Way It Should Be, is going to be scheduled for early 2013. More information about the release of the album will follow once it is available.