07-11-2012 – The first Nyx Aether reviews have come in!

Nyx Aether’s debut album “Entering Into Rebirth” has been out for a month now and the responses to the album have been of a varied, but mostly positive so far!

The first batch of reviews have come in recently from four webzines. You can find the reviews by following these links:

Wings Of Death (Dutch)
Zware Metalen (Dutch)
Brutalism (English)
Lords Of Metal (Dutch & English)
Greek Rebels (Greek)
Power Of Metal.dk (English)

Our thanks goes out to Wings Of Death, Zwaremetalen, Brutalism & Lords Of Metal for supporting us and giving us such constructive and nice insights!

Like the reviews? You can get the album here!

Still not fully convinced? You can check out the album preview here: