05-11-2012 – A sign of life from Unforeseen Motion!

And suddenly and unexpectedly, Jelmer Hertog, the main man behind Unforeseen Motion has issued a statement regarding the future of his Epic Symphonic Metal project.

Jelmer caught his thoughts in this concise and clear statement:

“…I’m really excited to announce that Unforeseen Motion will release a full length album in 2013. If you liked the EP, you will like the album. If you hated the EP, you will love the album! And if you hate Layered Reality? Go f**k yourself! …”

Unforeseen Motion has released an EP with four songs last year entitled “Breaking The Glass Armor”. The debut-album from Unforeseen Motion is now in the works and will be released by Layered Reality Productions in 2013.

You can get this EP for free through our webstore!