08-10-2012 – Insidiae announces a break in band activities

The men and woman from Insidiae have been a bit quiet since the release of their Debut-album Where Demons Dare (Which is still available for sale here.) earlier this year and the band has finally issued a statement regarding this matter.

Here is what the band had to share with us this morning:

“…We know that it has been silent for a while from our side and we can now say, that we will be taking it easy for a while. Many circumstances beyond our control have lead to this decision and we think this is the wisest thing to do for us right now.

However this does not mean that Insidiae is over and done with. We will return at a certain point with new material and news, but right now it’s the best for all of us to put the band on hold and in a state of hibernation.”

Insidiae is also included in the BTL 2012 DVD on which their complete concert from the Breaking The Layers festival is featured.

This will be the last Insidiae release for now, so if you are a fan of this band, be sure to get your hands on that DVD once it is released!