25-09-2012 – Mind:Soul announces a new release and a video!

It seemed quiet in the Mind:Soul camp for the last couple of weeks, but apparently, the band has been working hard! The band recently announced that that they have found a new guitar player in Stefan van Leeuwenstijn who will be joining the band as the new live guitarist.

But if that isn’t enough, the band has now also announced a new release that will be coming out before(!) the new album comes out. The band had the following to say about this surprising development:

“…When recording the drums for the album in the summer, we also took the liberty to re-record the songs from our first EP with Raul’s real drum sound and performance! … The new/old EP will be named Patterns 1.5 and it will feature the four songs of the original EP with better sound quality, real drums and better vocals! …

Included in the package will be a bonustrack of the song Caught (In The Pressure Cooker) which we performed at Breaking The Layers 2012. That song will also be a part of our new album, so it’s almost like a double preview! …

And if that isn’t enough we have also shot a promotional video for the song Patterns which will be included with the EP as well!”

Patterns 1.5 will be released on the 1st of November 2012 through the Layered Reality Productions webstore. The CD will be available as a physical version only.