19-08-2012 – Nyx Aether shares tracklist, albumtitle and releasedate!

Nyx Aether has only recently joined the Layered Reality Productions ranks but they have their first musical offering ready for the masses. The following statement was given regarding the debut-album:

“After an intense year in which we spent our blood, sweat and tears, it can now be said that our debut-album is done and that the master has been approved! The album was mastered by Raul Tamas (www.raultamas.com) and he has taken the mix and recordings that we delivered to him to a whole new level. We are now in the process of finishing the artwork and getting the album pressed and delivered to us, so these are very exciting times indeed!

And now that the album is done, we can also share a release date with all of you. Entering Into Rebirth will be released on the 1st of October 2012! In the coming weeks we will post material online to show you all what the album is going to hold maybe we will even share a complete track with all of you!

So mark your calendars on the 1st of October and check out our pages for preview material that will follow in the coming weeks!”

Nyx Aether will release their debut album Entering Into Rebirth through the Layered Reality Productions webstore in both physical and digital versions.

The tracklist has also been shared with the world and the album will contain the following tracks:

1: In Memoria
2: The Grand Transformation
3: Bittersweet Illusion
4: Consequence Of Purity
5: Silence Of The Night
6: Redemption
7: Flight Of The Spirits
8: Dances Of Death
9: Nibiru’s Return
10: Anima In Omne Tempus

More information about this record will follow in the coming weeks!