31-07-2012 – Mind:Soul shares debut-album tracklist and title!

The prog-metallers from Mind:Soul have shared information about their debut-album today! The following information was found on the Mind:Soul website this morning:

“…We finally have an album title, concept information and a tracklist ready for all of you!

Our first record will become a concept record entitled The Way It Should Be. It’s going to be a story about two individuals who fall in love and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are by learning from eachother …

The tracklisting for the album will be:

1: Breakpoint Hour
2: Novae
3: Sequence #1
4: Pillow Talk
5: Drown Together
6: Caught
7: Sequence #2
8: I Tried To Help
9: Over
10: Sequence #3
11: Forever
12: Sequence #4
13: One Night Alone

We are now in the process of recording this little musical monster and so far the bass & guitar recordings are turning out quite good. We are recording these at The Imagineering Suite @ Amersfoort. We will start tracking drums this month at Roland’s studio in Hilversum. Vocal and Synth recordings will start this month as well…”

Mind:Soul’s debut album will be released worldwide through Layered Reality Productions in the Autumn of this year.