17-07-2012 – Another new project joins LRP: Nyx Aether!

And we can now announce the second project to join LRP this month: Nyx Aether!

Nyx Aether is the brainchild of singer/composer Mylene van den Weijer who makes her first steps into the music world with this project. The music of Nyx Aether can be described as the marriage of oldskool Doom and Death Metal with bombastic orchestral and choir arrangements on top of it.

Nyx Aether’s overall sound is grand & bombastic with a dark flavor. Resulting into a sound that can only be described as Symphonic Dark Metal. Lovers of sweeping and doom-laden music will have their taste buds satisfied, but also lovers of progressive and symphonic metal can find deeper layers within the songs that can challenge and move the listener.

Starting out as a songwriter at 14 years old, Mylene took her time to find a shape in which she could let her musical ideas come to fruition. Her first real musical concept took shape in the year of 2010 and this musical concept resulted in the debut album “Entering Into Rebirth” which will be released through Layered Reality Productions this year.

The album was written together with Tom de Wit and was also produced and mixed by him. Also featured on this record are bass player Martijn Luppens, grunter Joey Klerkx and singer Sander Stegeman.

More information about Nyx Aether’s debut Entering Into Rebirth will follow in the coming weeks. You can find more information about Nyx Aether by visiting the pages below.