05-07-2012 – Mind:Soul guitarist leaves the band. New guitarist wanted!

Another band that announces sad news this month are the progressive metallers from Mind:Soul who announce that guitarist Jim Ilden has taken a step back from the band.

The following statement was posted to the website:

“… Due to personal circumstances, our guitar maniac and good friend Jim (O.S Ilden) is forced to take a step back from Mind:Soul. We have worked hard to get everything started for us and as much as he wants to, Jim is not able to combine his life’s with the commitment we need to get this band going. To make one thing clear: we are all good friends and we will remain this way.

Jim will be recording the first full length album with us as well, as the songs are very much his work and he deserves the chance to leave his mark on our maiden voyage.

Even though we feel sad about this, it doesn’t mean that Mind:Soul will stop in its tracks! We will record the album this summer and we will be playing gigs again in the autumn and winter of this year! So Mind:Soul is now officially searching for a new live guitarist! …”

Mind:Soul has posted the full statement on the front page of their website. The statement tells about their requirements for a new guitar player.

Check out: www.mindsoul.nl for more details!