16-05-2012 – TDW announces details for upcoming Lucky Man EP!

After saying in February that two new releases will be coming up this year, TDW announces an official release-date for the upcoming Lucky Man EP and sheds some light on the EP’s contents.

“…It has taken me quite some time (More then I wanted!) to get everything sorted out, but I can finally say that the Lucky Man EP is fully done (Both the music and artwork!) and that a release-date can finally be stamped upon it!

The EP will be released both digitally and physically and both versions will be released on the 18th of June. The physical copy of the EP will feature the two new tracks and the original 2006 recording of the song Brother as a bonustrack.

This bonus track will only be available on the physical version. The digital version of the EP will be available through the Dreamwalker’s Realm.

A full back-story of what the Lucky Man EP is about can be found on the TDW website @ http://www.tdwmusic.com

The Lucky Man EP has been produced by TDW and was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Imagineering Suite in Amersfoort. It was co-produced by Raul Tamas. Special mention goes out to Sander Stegeman for providing Backing Vocals for this EP.

The release will feature the following tracklist:

1: Lucky Man
2: Brothers
3: Brother (2006 recording – Physical Edition Only)

The cover artwork for the Lucky Man EP will be unveiled at the TDW website in the coming week.