23-04-2012 – Spring-sale on TDW releases!

With two new TDW releases coming up this year, it seemed to be the right time to throw a brand new price tag on the earlier TDW releases. Both The Haunts and Scrapbook releases have been lowered in prices and the same goes for the Dreamwalker’s Realm Passes.

However the most significant change is the adding of a brand new product named the Dreamwalkers Mega Pack!

The mega pack includes two complete TDW albums and access to the exclusive Dreamwalker’s Realm on the TDWmusic.com website which features more music that “regular listeners” can’t get their hands on. So by getting this package you don’t just get two full albums, but you get access to an ever growing library of progressive symphonic music!

So what are you waiting for!? Get your package today!