19-04-2012 – Paradox Machine presents information on debut-album

It had been quiet on the Paradox Machine front for a while, but the first real news about their debut-release has reached LRP HQ and may be shared with the world.

“…Hey there! It has been a while, and we thought it was about time to give you a little update.

We’ve been really busy at PM headquarters, and we’re happy to tell you we’ve just wrapped up the writing for the last couple of songs for our upcoming full length.
This means we’ll be entering the pre production stage now, which is really exciting! The next couple of months will be devoted to tweaking and tuning the songs and transitions, tracking for demos, reviewing and preparing for the real recordings. Also, starting on the artwork, preparing promotion and such will be keeping us occupied. More than two years of hard work is really starting to come together now, and we can’t wait to get it all done!

The upcoming album will be boasting nine tracks of prog metal madness, totalling to about 75 minutes of playtime and telling a story of war, technology, love and world shattering disaster.

We’re aiming for a late 2012 release, so just have a little more patience and it will be rewarded. We might just be giving you a little preview somewhere in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Until then, Paradox Machine out…”

More information about Paradox Machine’s debut release will be featured in this monthly newsletter when it is available.