09-04-2012 – Breaking The Layers 2012 – It has been done!

Yes ladies and gentlemen,

Breaking The Layers 2012 has been done and it became a very special night! Five bands, a hard-working crew and an enthusiastic crowd were responsible for creating a great atmosphere in which all the participating bands could show their best stuff!

The four recorded LRP bands showed their best stuff and all this was recorded by 7 camera’s and a full audio set-up. The DVD production for Breaking The Layers 2012 will now start and more information about the production proces will be given on the BTL page as soon as it is available. You can find it in the menu bar.

As soon as there are updates on the full production, you will find it on that page! The releasedate of this DVD is slated for September of this year. Ofcourse we can not promise anything in advance but we will be working hard to make this deadline!

Stay tuned for more info soon!