25-02-2012 – TDW announces two new releases for 2012!

After announcing that there will be no new TDW album in 2012, Tom has come up with a somewhat surprising statement on the TDW website:

“I said that I would not be releasing a new album this year… But obviously I said nothing about EP’s or Singles now didn’t I?

I am right now in the middle of writing and recording two new releases which will be special EP’s of sorts. I won’t be giving too much spoilers yet, but I can say that both releases will be breaking new ground for TDW that will probably be somewhat unexpected. I can give you the titles of the two releases I am working on.

The first one will be called Lucky Man which is going to be a four-song EP release featuring a special artist and some bonus-tracks. (Trust me, you won’t see this coming!) The second release will be called Pascifist In Army Boots and this will become an EP release featuring one long track. (Oh how Proggy!) … This is all I can share with you guys right now, but I will give you more information as soon as it is available”

The Lucky Man EP will be released through The Dreamwalker’s Realm on the TDW website (you can buy a membership in the LRP webstore) and the Pascifist In Army Boots EP will be released both Physically and Digitally through the LRP webstore.

More information about these two releases will follow on both the TDW website and this website once it is available.