15-02-2012 – Mind:Soul announces a break in gigging…

Murphy’s law is always around the corner and Progressive Metal band Mind:Soul is stopped in their tracks as they were setting out to play multiple gigs this year. Here’s a statement posted on the band’s website:

“…News from the band has been scarce and that had to do with personal stuff happening all at the same time! Don’t worry, no one is going to leave and the band is doing fine together. But there have been some personal issues that forced us to re-think our live schedule for the coming months.

We will be playing the two gigs that have been announced so far (So we will do the DVD shoot!) but we won’t be doing any extra gigs because of the workload that a few of the guys are facing right now. Unfortunately we are not in the position to finance ourselves by doing this so we had to make some tough decisions…”

Mind:Soul will be playing at Breaking The Layers 2012 this year and they are now working on their debut album which is planned for release around the autumn of this year.