16-01-2012 – Insidiae re-releases Through The Eyes Of The Blind!

Modern Progressive Metallers Insidiae have re-released their debut single: Through The Eyes Of The Blind today!

The re-release was something the band wanted to do for a longer time as the physical version of the single has been out of print for a while now. The band felt that the songs deserved this new chance to shine and for the world to listen to it.

The best part however is that this single release is available for free! Yes, you read that right: FREE! You only have to register and place your order at the LRP webstore and you can get the single in a jiffy! If you already are a user of the LRP webstore you can just order it to your existing account!

Insidiae is also working on their first full-length album which will be available through Layered Reality Productions later this year.