16-01-2012 – A new Layered Reality Initiative: Breaking The Layers 2012!

On the 7th of April, De IJsbreker in Leusden shall be the stage for a brand new Layered Reality initiative named:

Breaking The Layers will be a concert in which four bands from the Layered Reality Family will perform. This will not be just a concert however. It will be a DVD shoot which will be released later this year!

Three bands have been announced to perform so far, being:

The Frisian Progressive Doom/Death Metal band which will perform their unique mix of atmospheric and intense music. The band will guide the audience through multiple musical worlds and the band has left a great impression on many audiences in their 10 years of existence.

The second Frisian band of this night. Insidiae brings modern metal with a progressive twist. This band is planning to make the audience groove and bang their heads while at the same time impressing them with their skillfully written brand of music.

A band based in Amersfoort (the center of the Netherlands) which specializes in creating music that breaks genre boundaries and conventions. Explosive Metal pieces with Death growls are transitioned into Melodic Choruses and instrumental freakouts. Everything goes with this band and genre conventions are far away!

The fourth band of the night will be announced in the coming months. Tickets will be on sale at the door and will cost 5 euro’s. More details (such as playing order of the bands and exact times.) will be announced later as well.

More information will follow in the coming weeks!