17-10-2011 – Introducing newcomer Insolitvs and a big website update!


Great news from the LRP camp: Progressive, Technical Death Metal band Insolitvs has officially signed with LRP!

Insolitvs hails from Croatia and a fairly unique point of recognition for the band is the lack of vocals as they are nowhere to be found! The band has a sound that can be described as: Instrumental music with the intensity of Death Metal and influences from Prog and Fusion.

Insolitvs - Op. 1The band will join Layered Reality by re-releasing the debut EP Op. 1 as both a digital and physical release. Both releases will be available through the Layered Reality Webstore at the 1st of November. (Aka: The day of the dead)

Pre-ordering for Op. 1 will start on the 24th of October and pre-orders will receive a signed copy from the band themselves!

The new site updates

And as you can see the LRP site has gotten quite an update today and the newly created Spotlight Feature has been introduced. Each Month a new spotlight feature will be introduced on the front page. This could be things such as new bands joining LRP but also things like special sales and other important news that needs to be spotlighted!

We hope that the new website layout works out for everyone and if there are any questions or remarks about the new site, feel free to send a message to: Support@layered-reality.com