21-08-2011 – A big news update featuring The Angrotron Project, Mind:Soul and newcomer Unforeseen Motion!

The Angrotron Project (T.A.P)
After an indefinite hiatus, Angrotron is born again under a new name and with a new aim:

Angrotron was a side project fronted and created by Tom de Wit (TDW & Mind:Soul) which started with an EP, written and produced by Tom himself. Originally this project was not meant to last any longer but the urge to make heavy music besides the progressive type was strong and he is now heading for a different construct with The Angrotron Project.

“I originally intended the project to be a one-off thing but it seems that I have much more inspiration for music like this than I originally thought and it would be a shame to waste that I think. I want this project to be a side thing without limitations. I will be releasing separate songs through the official website for everyone to download and enjoy/criticize. All the music will be free of charge and may be spread freely on torrent sites and what not. The only thing I ask in return is that the writing credits should be stated when doing this.”

The Angrotron Project website will be placed online at: www.angrotron.com
The release date for both the website and the first four tracks is slated for the 12th of September.

Progressive Metal band Mind:Soul has announced details about its first official release with Layered Reality Productions!

Mind:Soul is a young progressive metal band that focuses itself on a combination between technique and melody in a song-based format. The first release will be an EP by the name of Patterns. It will be a four-track EP meant to give a taste of what the band’s music is about. The EP will be used to promote the band and get gigs in the Netherlands and other countries if possible. The band themselves say that their group consists of ”an international set of weirdos from The Netherlands, Turkey and Romania all thrown together”.

The tracklisting has been announced, being:

1: Circus of Fear
2: Patterns
3: For You (Whoever you are)
4: Selling Lies

Insiders that heard the songs describe the band as a combination between prog, metal, pop and many other genres. The EP displays metallic aspects in songs such as Patterns and intimate melodic aspects in a song such as For You. The release date for the EP and official website is slated for October of this year.

The EP will be released through the Layered Reality webstore worldwide and will be on sale with the band at live performances. More information like coverart and the exact releasedate will follow next month.

Unforeseen Motion
Symphonic epic metal project Unforeseen Motion signs with Layered Reality Productions!

Led by Jelmer Hertog (known as the ex-guitar player for Dutch Folk Metal band Grimhorde) Unforeseen Motion presents a musical experience ranging from Symphonic to Black to Folk to Death and back again. The music can be described as cinematic and grand. Jelmer played the instruments himself with only some minor help with programming and arranging the drums. The music is completely instrumental at this point. Jelmer stated that the music inside his head would play more like a soundtrack as opposed to a “regular” symphonic metal approach and the instrumental way of doing this came closest to his vision.

The first EP will be entitled: “Breaking the Glass Armor” and it will feature the following tracks:

1: Sons of Divinity
2: Revenge
3: War-Peace
4: Breaking the glass armor

The EP will be released through the Layered Reality webstore worldwide. More information such as coverart and an exact releasedate will follow in the coming weeks!