20-07-2011 – News about the upcoming TDW re-release record!

It has only been five months since the release of the extensive record Scrapbook and already new TDW material is waiting to be released!

Tom had the following to say about this: “Yes, I can now officially share with you guys that the First Re-draft project is finally nearing completion! It took me a good three years to get everything for this project together (considering I started with this record when The Haunts was just released.) but finally it is in a decent enough state to share it with the world!”

As told in earlier news updates, this record will not be a new TDW record but a reworking of the very first TDW release First Draft, (Hence the title) which was released in 2003 on a very small scale. The idea to recreate this first record was something that had to do more with artistic urges than anything else.

Tom: “Re-recording the songs on First Draft was something I needed to do for my own sense of completion. These songs were written when I was 16 years old and they still hold a special place in my heart. However, these first recordings are just downright bad, so I figured these songs deserved a better treatment both musically and production wise. What I did was take the blueprint of each song and reconstructed it to get to the core of these songs and elaborate on that.”

The tracklist for First Re-draft will be the following:

1 – Endless
2 – Mourning After
3 – Happy Day
4 – Innerburn
5 – Dreamwalk
6 – Overture / Prologue
7 – New Strength
8 – Your Room
9 – My Loss
10 – Epilogue

The coverart for the record will follow in the course of next month.

This new TDW record will not be available through the regular channels but will only be available as a special download from the TDW website. On this website a new member’s only section will be introduced called “The Dreamwalker’s Realm”, were members can get access to this special record. You can gain access by buying a lifetime membership at the Layered Reality Webstore. More information on Dreamwalker Memberships will follow in the coming weeks at the Layered Reality website.

The record will be available in MP3 format encoded in high quality. The artwork will be provided as a digital file. There are no plans to make a physical pressing of this release, but perhaps something in that direction will follow in the future.

The release date for First Re-Draft is planned around September of this year. An exact release date will follow in a future update.