A very quick Mind:Soul news update came in today, as the band announces that the new live release “The Show That It Has Been – Alive in 2014” is coming on 21-09-2015!!!

Check the video below for the whole story as told by lead singer Tom:

The band unveiled the albumcover and tracklist last week and is now gearing up towards a full online release!

The live recording was done at the Sounds of Fall festival in 2014 at De IJsbreker in Leusden in which the band performed their debut concept-album โ€œThe Way It Should Beโ€ integrally. This recording was produced and mixed by the band and mastered by Tom van Hogen. (Hillsphere)

The tracklist for the album will be as follows:

1: Intro / Breakpoint Hour
2: Novae
3: Sequence #1 / Pillow Talk
4: Drown Together
5: Caught
6: Sequence #2
7: I Tried To Help
8: Over
9: Forever
10: Sequence #4
11: One Night Alone

So be sure to mark the calendars for next week and be sure to spread the music once it is out there!