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15-11-2016 – Resolve parts ways with drummer

Gregory van der Hoeven leaves ReSolveSad news reached the Layered Reality mailbox today, as ReSolve parts ways with their drummer Gregory van der Hoeven. (Picture by Fred Helders.) The full statement as posted by the band can be read below:

“…Dear all, It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our drummer Gregory van der Hoeven and ReSolve have parted ways.

Greg was one of the founding members of ReSolve back in 2010 and has been a vital part of the band since then. We have been through a lot together as a band, both good and bad times, which we will never take for granted. We have written, recorded and released our first album, but also signed our first record deal together and shared the stage numerous times.

However, due to changing lives, goals and ambitions, we have mutually decided to part ways as the buddies we have always been and will continue to be. Greg, we cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for us over the past six years and wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors!

We want to emphasize that this split does NOT mean the end of ReSolve! We are currently in the very beginning stages of the writing process for our second album, which will continue throughout 2017. Stay tuned for updates!”

ReSolve’s second album will be released through Layered Reality Productions once it is done. More updates will be given once they are available.

10-10-2016 – ReSolve’s debut-album has turned one year old! And we are celebrating!

resolve_oneyearpromo_webversionCelebrations are in order today! ReSolve celebrates their first year anniversary of their debut-album “Wayward Sanctuary”! And to celebrate this from our side, you can now get the album for the wonderfully special price of €8,50! (Excl. shipping)

Wayward Sanctuary was reviewed favourably by multiple reviewers, garnering comments such as:

“Wayward Sanctuary is een keurig geproduceerd en beheerst debuutalbum, waarop ReSolve een vaardige indruk achterlaat. Er is veel werk aan de gevarieerde composities besteed. De dynamiek in These Voices en N.P.O.A.L. pakt minder geslaagd uit, maar voor de rest zijn er veel overtuigende songs. Voor een eerste release is dit dan ook een verzorgd visitekaartje die het beluisteren meer dan waard is.” (Jeffrey – – 75 out of 100)

“After forty-five minutes the depression I was almost left begging for more, as Wayward Sanctury perfectly matches my current state of mind at these cold and dark Scandinavian winter days. Thus, ReSolve might not be the most original act on the scene, but they surely play a solid melodic, epic and depressive progressive metal with decent song-writing and great handling of the instruments.” (Metal Revolution – 78 out of 100)

“ReSolve has come up with a wonderful progressive metal album that holds many surprises, from harsh vocal parts to very pleasant ones. Musically very strong, nevertheless the keyboards are reminding me of Dream Theater a lot and I would like ReSolve to step into the future with its own distinguished style.”
(Background Magazine – 4 out of 5 stars)

This lasts only in October, so be sure to get your copy ASAP!

ReSolve – Wayward Sanctuary

10-10-2016 – Hillsphere announces line-up changes and new gig


Since the release of the song Clairvoyance and a slew of gigs earlier this year, it had been somewhat silent for Hillsphere recently. But now, Elias Mayer (Hillsphere’s main man) released a statement today regarding the future of the band and the things that have happened recently.

Elias’ full statement can be found on the Hillsphere Facebook page at this link:

The short version however, is that Elias and vocalist Tim Beimer shall continue with Hillsphere to support the release of the upcoming album Florescence and onwards beyond that. They attracted a host of new bandmembers to join them in this musical adventure.

An excerpt of Elias’ statement says the following about these new bandmembers:

“ … We found Robin Waij (Guitar), Kevin van der Reijnst (Bass) and Wouter Macare (Drums). These musicians have been close to me and Hillsphere for at least a year now, so it automatically became clear that if we wanted to continue, it should be with these people … “

However, Elias is also keen to point out that the ex-bandmembers are not forgotten, as another part of the statement reads:

“ … Eren, Jorn and Tom are still helping to finish the album because we all share this following thought ‘Once you start something, you ought to finish it’. There is no way how I can express my appreciation to Eren, Tom and Jorn enough … They will always remain some of my closest friends in life and for that I am enormously grateful. ‘Florescence’ is the best title we could ever think of to capture the growth we have experienced with eachother. “

So, for Hillsphere it is now on to pastures new and with a brand new focus and dedication.

The band’s debut-album shall be entitled Florescence and is slated for release in early 2017!

To celebrate the new line-up and musical spirit, Hillsphere will be playing their first gig with the new line-up at 26th of November together with Xeno and Mistral at Estrado in Harderwijk!

19-09-2016 – TDW launches new EP, trailer and Pre-orders for new album!

aphrodisia_ep_front_hires_onlineAfter giving hints and build-up through the social media channels, TDW now unveils the pre-order for the brand new TDW album that is planned for early 2017! The following trailer explains everything:

The new album will be entitled “The Antithetic Affiliation” and will become a two disc musical experience. One CD of this package will become an intense, metallic and dark disc and the other CD will hold a lighter, open and more melodic atmosphere. This album will also include a bonus DVD with the “Making of” the album, interviews about everything TDW related and live performance material from the debut performance of Dreamwalkers Inc at ProgPower Europe 2016!

To make this pre-order more interesting, a host of special merchandise has been created to accompany it. A new EP has been released entitled “The Aphrodisia EP”. This EP features four songs that will come out on the new album as well, but in specially produced versions for this EP. The song ‘Anthem’, which was released earlier this year, is also included on this EP.

The EP features this tracklist:

1: Aphrodisia
2: Dirge
3: Anthem
4: Lovesong

merchandise_dwishirts_exampleNext to the aforementioned EP, a special T-shirt design has been launched to accompany the pre-order. This shirt design will only be made during this pre-order run, so get one fast or miss out! Shirts are available in sizes S-XXL in Green or Sand color with a front and back print.

Both the EP and shirts can only be ordered with one of the pre-order packages. Check the Layered Reality Webstore link belowto see which packages are available:

The ProgPower gig will take place on the 29th of September at Castle de Berckt in Baarlo (NL). Attendance to this concert will be free of charge and this will be the first time that Dreamwalkers Inc will perform live. The band will then perform an acoustic set of old and new TDW material and this is proving to become a diverse show!