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09-04-2018 – ReSolve launches aftermovie of their tryout gig

ReSolve released an aftermovie today showing off that the band still is able to play an energetic show even after a 2(!!!) year absence! This video also introduces their new singer Maaike Rabouw to the masses in a fitting fashion. Enjoy and feel free to share it!

The band will continue working on new material in the meantime and is now searching for a drummer. If you are interested in joining them, you can send a message to ReSolve at their facebook page here:

27-03-2018 – TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc launch new video for song “Overconfidence”

TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc launched a new live video for their song “Overconfidence” showcasing the band performing the song live combined with a lyric video of sorts.

For those who like their progressive rock heavy or who like their metal challenging, this is a song for you!

Like what you hear? The album “The Antithetic Affiliation” is available both digitally and physically now:

Full album on spotify:
Full album on CD/DVD:

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26-03-2018 – Hillsphere announces releaseshow for Florescence!

After the announcement of the debut-album title and releasedate two weeks ago, Hillsphere now announces the releaseshow for this same album, held at the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam

The band will take to the stage on june 8th 2018 presenting their album ‘Florescence‘ in it’s entirity. They will be supported by Hologram Earth & Semistereo on this night.

Hillsphere’s debut album Florescence is slated for release through Layered Reality Productions on the 28th of May 2018 both in physical and digital formats.

FB Event:

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19-03-2018 – Transient State signs with Layered Reality Productions

“Groovy, technical & melodic, yet hard-hitting as a fist to the face at the same time.”

This would be a good way to describe the music of Dutch progressive metal band Transient State. The band’s sound is comprised of the songwriting & guitar playing of Bram Heijs and Jeoffrey Warmerdam’s diverse vocal approach. Added to these elements are the rhythmic sensibilities of Nico de Wit on drums and the added guitar wizardry of Matthijs Vliegenthart to create a complex yet engaging sound.

Check out this video to hear what the band is all about:

Their music, characterized by heavy down-tuned guitar riffs, complex grooves, and catchy choruses, is molded into compact and action packed songs that can please both the lovers of heavy metal as well as those that like their intensity with a challenge. The band is inspired by progressive metal acts such as Periphery, Monuments, Humanity’s Last Breath & Textures.

Transient State inked a deal with Layered Reality Productions this weekend and both parties are very excited about this indeed! As the label is ever expanding and looking for musical talent in the progressive musical hemisphere, both the band and label deemed this to be a perfect fit!

Last year the band launched their debut-album “Rearranged” to critical acclaim and they performed a slew of gigs in 2017 with the opening of the Complexity festival as one of the highlights showcasing a technically proficient & energetic show to the masses.

The band is now working on new material which will be released by Layered Reality Productions in the future.

Find out more about Transient State through these links:

Official video for Invocation –
Official video for Maelstrom –

Photography by Wouter Keuris (

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