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13-06-2016 – Hillsphere launches live video for Clairvoyance

Hillsphere - Band picture 2015After performing a very ambient and intense set at the Metal Masters concert in Dynamo in Eindhoven, Hillsphere decided to edit one of the songs from this performance for the greater public!

The song Clairvoyance, which also got an official music video earlier this year, has been the subject of this video and you can watch it below!

Please share this to your heart’s content!

23-05-2016 – Unforeseen Motion shows a sign of life!

After a long silence since the release of 2011’s EP “Breaking The Glass Armor”, Jelmer Hertog (Unforeseen Motion’s frontman) has given us a sign of life in the form of an extensive news update. Here’s the lowdown for all of you!


Awoken from slumber!

First up, I think I need to clarify a few things. It has been very silent regarding Unforeseen Motion in the last year. The reason for that, is that I have been working very hard on other projects (in- and outside of music) which took away a lot of my time. In that time, Unforeseen Motion hadn’t left my attention, but I just had to put it on hold even though I didn’t want to…

However, that doesn’t mean that Unforeseen Motion has died in the proces … in fact: It’s more alive than ever!

In the last couple of months, I have been working hard on a new release which is planned for early 2017. This will be Unforeseen Motions’ debut-album and writing material for this has taken up most of my time. The music on the album will be a continuation of the first EP, but with a broader scope of musical dynamics. It’s going to be both louder and more aggressive yet more subtle and melodic at the same time.

The new album will be featuring 10 songs and I can share a pre-production tracklist with all of you to give you an impression of the songtitles. (These are of course subject to change.) These titles are:

01: Inside
02: Salvatore
03: My Instrumental Revenge pt. II
04: Cry, Scream, Die, Repeat
05: Más
06: Fear (working title)
07: Soulvation
08: Reborn (working title)
09: Pursuit
10: The River

However, this album is still in the works as I just explained. So it will take some time to get everything in the shape that we want it to be.

To fill up the time until the album is there, we decided to make a new mix and master of the first EP “Breaking The Glass Armor” which we will release this year! This extended edition will also feature a BRAND NEW TRACK to top it off! And as was the case with the original release, it will become available for FREE for everyone to enjoy and share around!

More details about the EP re-release will follow in the coming weeks.

So 2016 will feature a re-release and a brand new song and we will make sure that the wait for the album will be filled up in the best way possible as we also have cool ideas for video’s and musical surprises. So I can assure you that Unforeseen Motion will get a proper reboot!

That´s all from me for now! Stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

11-05-2016 – Mind:Soul to disband after tour.

Shocking news came in from the Mind:Soul camp, as the band announced that they will disband after the Breaking The Layers 2016 tour they are on right now.

The band shared the following statement on their Facebook and Official web pages:

mindsoul_endpic“…This news might come as a surprise to all of you, but we have big news today and we won’t beat around the bush about it: We have decided together that Mind:Soul will quit existing as from June 2016.

Reasons for us deciding this are many, but mostly they have to do with changing interests and changing lives. We have been a band since 2011 in many incarnations and have had a great ride, making the music we do. We can say that we all are proud of what we did and we most certainly don´t regret anything. However, it´s time for us to move on to new things and everyone has their own paths to follow. We made this decision in good spirits and will support each other in everything we will be doing in the future.

Plans are now to properly wrap up the Breaking The Layers 2016 tour and we will use the final two gigs we have left as opportunities to have fun together and play the music we love!

11-06-2016 – PoGo, Gorinchem ( )
17-06-2016 – P3, Purmerend ( )

We want to thank you all for the support and love you have given us by coming to our shows and supporting us by buying the album and EP. It means a lot to us!

We hope to see you at one of our final shows! Thanks again!”

Mind:Soul will proceed on the Breaking the Layers 2016 tour with Hillsphere and ReSolve as planned. Their releases and music will remain available through Layered Reality Productions in the future.

09-05-2016 – Layered Reality is searching for new volunteers!

lrp_contributorswantedposter_englishYes ladies and gentlemen, the title basically says it all!

We are searching for new volunteers who want to contribute to the Layered Reality Productions cause!

Who are we?
A dutch-based, internationally focused label that promotes new and upcoming progressive, Symphonic & Avant-Garde metal bands/Artists. We are growing and therefor we need extra hands to help us in achieving our goals!

What Positions do we need fullfilled:
– news content creator / Mailinglist Editor
– Social media Content Creator
– Public Relations contact
– Web mastering & content creation

lrp_contributorswantedposter_dutchWhat skills do we search for?
– Genre affinity and understanding
– Online and offline communication skills (private & Business)
– English language (spoken & Written)
( German / French Language skills are a plus)

Send us an e-mail with your motivation and contact details @

Or send us a message on our social media pages.

An English and Dutch version of our wanted ad, can be found on the right.