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03-02-2016 – Hillsphere launch video for their song Clairvoyance

hillspherevideostillThe ambient Post-Prog Metallers of Hillsphere have launched a video for their song Clairvoyance today!

The video can be seen as an ambient trip that accompanies the songs’ instrumental journey and passage through it’s different atmospheres.

The video was made by Tom de Wit (TDW, Mind:Soul) in collaboration with Elias Mayer (Hillsphere’s synth/guitar player.)

You can view the video below or through the link provided:

01-02-2016 – LRP launches new website and look!

Layered Reality Productions - The new website for 2016!It has been in the works for a considerable time, but we can now officially share the brand new Layered Reality Website with the world!

A new year, equals a new look and some new shiny objects and projects which are in the works as we speak! Both on a musical and on the visual front 2016 is proving to become an exciting year for lovers of Prog, Sympho and Avant-Garde metal worldwide!


Oh, and before we forget, we also introduced a brand new logo with this redesign which symbolizes the ever expanding circle of music that we are delivering to the world! (The logo is readable clockwise, for those wonder what we mean.)

So be sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels and our website to stay on top of Layered Reality based happenings and events!

You can find us on social media pages here:

18-01-2016 – TDW launches teaser trailer for brand new song!

tdwyoutubevidAfter a year of relative silence in 2015 in which mostly vlogs were releases to the masses, TDW returns to the musical front with a teaser for a song that is called “Anthem”.

Not much has been unveiled about this song yet, but the teaser speaks of a release in the spring of 2016. More info will follow once it is available!

You can check the teaser here:

Or follow this link to see it on youtube: