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20-03-2017 – ReSolve announces major line-up changes

ReSolve - Wayward Sanctuary - Album coverReSolve has announced major changes to their line-up today through a video and newspost on their facebook page and through the Layered Reality Productions youtube channel.

Check out the video here:

The band shared the following statement along with this video:

“Dear everyone,

We have some sad news, but also some really good news.

The sad news: due to geographical reasons, we have had to part ways with lead vocalist Radina Dimcheva. Radina recorded our debut album ‘Wayward Sanctuary’ with us and joined us on the ‘Breaking The Layers’ tour we did throughout 2016. It has been amazing working with her and we wish her all the best in all her future endeavours. Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind!

Now to the good news: we have a new drummer! Please welcome Mr. Patrick van Mourik to the ReSolve family! You may know him from his former band Synergy Protocol. We really look forward to working with him as we will continue working on our second studio album!

However, this means that we are not a complete band yet and that we are once again searching for a new (clean) lead vocalist. Are you or do you know someone whose singing voice will be a fit for our music? Feel free to send us an e-mail at or PM us through Facebook! Also, sharing this post and video will help more than you know!”

ReSolve’s debut-album “Wayward Sanctuary” is available through Layered Reality Productions worldwide here.

20-02-2017 – TDW announces new album guests and more

The image shared by Dreamwalkers Inc and Audionative this morningGreat news came in today courtesy of TDW and Dreamwalkers Inc regarding the upcoming album and their tour plans!

Check out the short vlog below for the story, or check the text below that if videos are not your thing.

First up, they have announced a new collaboration with a young booking agency called Audionative, which will be taking the full booking segment for TDW and Dreamwalkers Inc’s liveshows for 2017/2018. However, new guest musicians for the new TDW album also got announced today, and Tom shared the following on the official TDW website regarding that:

“…First up, my friend and musical multitalent Thomas Cochrane (known for his work in Hologram Earth, Dystopia, Transient State, Vetrar Draugurinn & Ancient Rites) will provide his trumpet and trombone skills to the new TDW record. He provided a wonderfully eclectic yet epic sound to one of the TDW tracks and I can say that you should expect the unexpected!

And the second guest I want to announce, is someone that I admire quite a bit for his skills and songwriting. Mr Tommy Talamanca, who is known for his guitar/synth work in Sadist and for his own Nadir Music projects, has provided two amazing solo’s to one of the album epics that immediately lift it up to a whole new level! Trust me when I say that I lost my scheizze when I heard his contributions. IT WAS AWESOME!”

The TDW album “The Antithetic Affiliation” is slated for release in May/Early June of 2017. More information about this album will be shared when it is available.

Meanwhile, you can follow TDW on social media here:

20-02-2017 – Unforeseen Motion launches their re-release EP today. FOR FREE!

Unforeseen Motion - Breaking The Glass Armor Revisited - Cover ArtworkToday Unforeseen Motion launched their re-released EP “Breaking The Glass Armor – Revisited” on their official website as a completely free download! This was done as a starting point to kick off the new year for Unforeseen Motion which is promising to become quite eventful.

You can visit the official website of Unforeseen Motion by clicking the link below to get your free copy of this EP.

And if you don’t like downloading music, you can also listen to the full EP on our Youtube channel, by following the link below!

Be sure to follow, like and subscribe to Unforeseen Motion’s pages to stay on top of their musical adventures, because new musical developments are proving to come up soon!

10-02-2017 – Unforeseen Motion announces new EP release date!

Unforeseen Motion - Breaking The Glass Armor Revisited - Cover ArtworkSome good pre-weekend news came in yesterday from Unforeseen Motion, as they now announced the release date for the EP Breaking the Glass Armor Revisited.

Here’s a snippet of what frontman Jelmer Hertog had to say about it:

“… After launching the new website recently (Check it out at: ) I can now share some info about the upcoming new EP with all of you!

The re-release of the first Unforeseen Motion EP will come on the 20th of February 2017 and it is going to be free for all of you to hear! I’m very happy to say that the EP is remastered and will contain two brand new tracks! The EP remix and remaster was handled by Jelle Terpstra (Known for his work in Chaotic Silence and Ancilla)

The tracklist for the coming EP will be as follows:

01 – Sons of Divinity
02 – My Instrumental Revenge
03 – War-Peace
04 – Breaking the Glass Armor
05 – Rebuild the Structure (NEW)
06 – In Pursuit (NEW)

The EP will be available for free on the official website when it launches and on youtube and Soundcloud for all of you to hear!

This EP is launched once again by Layered Reality Productions and will serve as a precursor for the new album that is coming in 2017…”

Also, be sure to follow Unforeseen Motion on social media on the following links!