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04-09-2017 – Hillsphere launches music video!

After months of hard work, Hillsphere has launched a music video for their song ‘Our Physical Way Of Speaking’ today. This song is planned to be featured on their debut-album Florescence and shows Hillsphere’s metallic sound infused with ambient and progrock florishes!

This music video is a collaboration between the bandmembers Elias Mayer & Tim Beimer and the contemporary dancers Cris van Tol & Tyrone Menig who translated the songs’ lyrics into an evocative physical spectacle.

The video was shot on location and directed by Tom de Wit for The Imagineering Suite. (

This song serves as a precursor for the upcoming album that is planned for release in late 2017. More information about the album will be given once it’s available.

Feel free to like and share this video to your hearts’ content!

23-08-2017 – TDW releases new live video for song Chameleon

After releasing the Aphrodisia video earlier this year, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc return with a live video for the song ‘Chameleon’ as it was performed on their show on the 2nd of june 2017.

This live video is meant to give an impression of what the band sounded like on the night itself and what the energy was like on stage.

Feel free to share this video to your hearts’ content!

03-08-2017 – Dimaeon reveals their new vocalist!

It had been silent on the Dimaeon front for a long time, but today the band came out with a statement regarding their new lead singer! Read the statement below:

“Two years after the departure of longtime vocalist and founding member Ferdinand Wanders, Dimaeon is thrilled to announce that we are once again operating as a 5-piece.

With great pleasure we introduce our new vocalist: Nikky Sriamin!

Those of you familiar with the Northern Metalscene probably know Nikky as a very versatile vocalist and excellent frontman, playing in bands such as Noir, Existence Denied, Paradox Machine and most recently Sense vs. Sanity and we are very happy to have him in our ranks.

Together we continue working on our new album and are looking forward to adding new chapters to the Dimaeon history.

We hope to see you all soon!”

31-07-2017 – Hillsphere shows a cryptic sign of life

A sudden sign of life came in from the Hillsphere camp today, as the band shared a cryptic image with a small three letter word along with it that seemed to make no direct sense. You can find the image and the code below


We are not sure what this means, but it is an intriguing sign of life none the less. Stay tuned for more once the band unleashes it.