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09-10-2018 – Dreamwalkers Inc announces limited time new album pre-order

Dreamwalkers Inc anounced a limited time album pre-order today, exclusively available for fans through the Layered Reality Productions webstore.

This pre-order will be available until the 16th of October 2018 and will offer the album for €12 (excl Shipping) instead of the regular retail price of €15 when it comes out. This album will become a full digibook package with an extensive booklet with art, liner notes and more. Also the pre-order people will recieve the album way ahead in advance as an extra perk!

Get your album pre-order copy here:

Read more about this album pre-order on the bands facebook page here:

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11-06-2018 – Hillsphere launches aftermovie from their album release show!

Hillsphere‘s performance last week releasing their debut album Florescence was a wonderful party, and to celebrate this fact, an aftermovie was made, showing the vibe of the night and giving a little glimpse into what the band sounded like!

You can get their album or listen to it at these links:
CD –
Spotify –
Deezer –

Special thanks goes out to Sugar Factory, Road Ahead and all the involved parties to make the night the special event it was!

Hillsphere will perform again together with Transient State on the 7th of July at Poppodium Duycker as well! So if you like what you hear, be sure to visit that gig as well!

COPIA, Anubis, Transient State & Hillsphere | Poppodium Duycker

Check out the events’ poster below:

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29-05-2018 – TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc celebrates albums’ anniversary

Today is a special day as the latest TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc album “The Antithetic Affiliation” has turned one year old! And to celebrate this fact, the band posted a rather… “special” video to their own youtube page.

Besides all the comedic overtones, the band is genuinely celebrating and wants to thank all the reviewers, radio showhosts, press contacts and fans who support the band by buying the album and making it all happen!

Like what you hear, besides all the weird comedy? The album is still available for everyone on our webstore at:

ANd you can also listen to the album on spotify on this link:

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28-05-2018 – Hillsphere launches their debut album Florescence!

Hillsphere‘s debut album “Florescence” is out now! Get your physical copy of the record at our webstore or listen to it on all major digital music services!

The band celebrated today by launching a listening promovideo for their song Aquarius, which can be found at the link above!

And remember: Support the bands and share this video to your hearts’ content!

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