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Release-date: 15-01-2020
Recorded & produced By: Tom de Wit
Produced by: Tom de Wit
Mastered by: Rich Gray @ Gray Matter Audio
Artwork by: Helena Martens & Tom de Wit

Product Description:
Extensive Digibook packaging with CD, DVD and big booklet.

Tracklist CD:
1: Crashscape (Instrumental)
2: Clockstop X
3: Code of Conduct
4: Clockstop 2
5: Sleepless Angels
6: The Pulse
7: Clockstop 3
8: Death And Her Brother Greg
9: No Can Do
10: Clockstop 4
11: A String of Repeats
12: All We Could Do (CD Only Bonustrack)

Tracklist DVD:
1: The Days The Clock Stopped – Third Person
2: Fine Art Of Perseverance (TDW history interview)
3: The Interviews (Full uncut footage)
4: Death and Her Brother Greg (Music Video)

Tom de Wit – Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations
Rich Gray – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (Aeon Zen, Annihilator)
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums (Annihilator)
Remco Woutersen – Cello solo parts

Solo’s per song

#4 – Marco Sfogli (Solo artist, James LaBrie, PFM & Icefish)
#5 – Daniel Magdič (Prehistoric Animals, Ex-Pain of Salvation)
#6 – Koen Romeijn (Detonation, Heidevolk)
#8 – Chris Zoupa (Teramaze)
#9 – Andi Kravljaca (Bioplan),
#9 – Matthew op ‘t Einde (IDEK.)
#9 – Luca Di Genarro (Soul Secret)
#10 – Norbert Veenbrink (Dreamwalkers Inc)
#11 – Lennert Kemper (Dreamwalkers Inc)

Laura ten Hoedt
Cailyn Erlandsson
Nicole de Ruiter
Iris van ‘t Veer
Rikke Linssen
Stan Eimers
Ron Brouwer
Rich Gray
Abraham Sarache