This page features an assortment of Layered Reality Productions related weblinks.

Our working partners

FREIA Music    Dutch    Progressive Rock Label
MaXxive Records    Dutch    Alround Rock Label
Big Bad Wolf Records    Dutch    Frisian Music Store
Core Audio Productions    Dutch    Live and Studio-based Audio Services
Frisian Metal Massacre    Dutch    Frisian Music Project
Metalization    Dutch    Promotion for new metal bands and artists
Oerknal Studios    Dutch    Audio Recording Studio
Pitchnote Studios    Dutch    Audio-Visual Production Studio
The Imagineering Suite    Dutch/English    Audio, Video and Webdesign Studio

Promotional Weblinks:    Dutch/Belgian    Webzine
Brutalism    English    Webzine
Digital Steel    English    Webzine
DPRP    English    Webzine
Dutch Distortion    Dutch    Webzine
Flight Of Pegasus    Greek    Radio/Webzine
Heavy Metal Bullet    English    Blog
Holy Metal    Italian/English    Webzine
Home Nucleonics    Dutch/English    Webzine
Lords of metal    Dutch/English    Webzine
Merlinprog    Norwegian    Webzine
Metal Archives    English    Archive
Metal Fan    Dutch    Webzine
Metal Observer    English    Webzine
Metal Revolution    English    Webzine
Metal Riot    English    Webzine
Metal Storm    English    Webzine
Power Of Metal    English    Webzine
Proglog Afterglow    Dutch    Webzine
Progmotion    Dutch    Webzine/Promotion
Prognaut    English    Webzine
Progrock ezine Brazil    English/Brazilian    Webzine
Progstreaming    English    Music streaming
Progwereld    Dutch/Belgian    Webzine
Rock Brigade    Brazilian    Magazine
Rock Underground    Brazilian    Webzine
Sea of tranquility    English    Webzine
Unprogged    Italian    Webzine
Wings Of Death    Dutch    Webzine
Zware Metalen    Dutch    Webzine