• #throwbackthursday – 14-11-2019 – Matthew op ‘t Eijnde (IDEK.)

    Matthew op 't Einde - IDEK. - LRP EXTENDEDIn this episode of #Throwbackthursday we go back in time with Matt from IDEK.. IDEK. played this iconic festival in 2018 and it was this very performance that left such a great impression on the LRP team that it led to the band being signed later!

    Here is what Matt had to say about this special event:

    “With fond memories we think back to our show at Complexity Fest 2018. With our final rehearsal done the day before the show, we were finally ready to play our then new song Approaching Storms live for the first time. We decided to do something special for this show really last-minute: as an intro for the aforementioned song, we did an ambient jam. With Harprit on the drums and a bass guitar playing dubstep-like synth riffs, we managed to create a very dark, organ-like sound and an eerie atmosphere. Never have we ever been so nervous before a show but it went really well. I mean, it’s not every day you get to share the same dressing room with your long-time heroes from Sikth!”

    You can watch a segment of the bands’ performance in the aftermovie here:

  • #throwbackthursday – 17-10-2019 – Jelmer Hertog (Unforeseen Motion)

    Unforeseen Motion - Serendipity band photo 2019For this months Throwback Thursday we’d like to go back to 2011 to tell you the story of how Layered Reality Productions “adopted” Unforeseen Motion! This all started on a not so lazy Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam where Jelmer, Unforeseen Motion’s front man, had spent the day rehearsing with his old band Grimhorde.

    They say practice makes perfect, but one must not forget that practice also makes you hungry. So our front man entered an overcrowded KFC (So classy!) in need of food. With his guitar on his back and his plate full of chicken he was desperately trying to find a place to sit down, and then a voice spoke to him from a corner:

    “Long haired metallians, there’s room for you over here!”

    Sitting there was Tom de Wit, who he had never met. But metal unites, and so they immediately bonded over their shared love for music. Jelmer had some demos lying around for a new project, and Tom had (and still has!) his studio The Imagineering Suite. One and one is two, so Tom mixed Jelmers demos which were then released by Layered Reality Productions in 2011! So one unforeseen meeting set a lot in motion.

    The debut release of Unforeseen Motion is available on streaming services and can be listened to on youtube here:

  • #throwbackthursday – 05-09-2019 – Lennert Kemper (Dreamwalkers Inc)

    Lennert Kemper - LRP ExtendedDreamwalkers Inc‘s guitar-wizard Lennert Kemper remembers the debut-gig of their band in 2016 on a very special occasion, in this first edition of #throwbackthursday here at LRP Extended. He had the following to share:

    “In October 2016, we played our acoustic live debut with Dreamwalkers Inc at Kasteel de Berckt in Baarlo, the Netherlands, as part of the pre-party of ProgPower Europe 2016.

    For me, this was a very special gig, as playing at ProgPower was a top bucketlist item of mine for many years before. It was ultimately my first time visiting the festival. We were lucky enough to get to stay at the festival for free the entire weekend, which most of the Dreamwalkers Inc members did.

    The atmosphere that night (and of course the rest of the weekend) was absolutely magical. My girlfriend and I made many new friends (both fellow musicians and fans) from all over the world that weekend. Since then, we’ve been coming back to the festival every year and there’s never a dull moment.

    Thank you so much, ProgPower family, for welcoming us into your little paradise!”

    Photo provided by Starfountain Design!