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18-11-2022 – Avandra releases new album Prodigal worldwide!

It’s finally here! Avandra‘s new album Prodigal is now available worldwide on CD and through streaming services! The new intense concept album based around war and it’s ever lasting impact on the world, features intense metal moments combined with the familiar melodic and melancholic sensibilities the band is known for! Check out the album here:  Continue Reading »

16-10-2022 – Avandra launches new music video ‘In Memoriam’ and new album preorder!

Avandra comes out all guns blazing with a brand new song and music video called ‘In Memoriam’! The song showcases Avandra’s heavier progressive metal side fusing high tempo riffing and drumbeats with the by now familiar trademark melancholy in the melodies and lyrics. Featuring both concept footage based on the albums’ story and live footage  Continue Reading »

14-10-2022 – Apeiron Bound releases musicvideo for Absent Familiarity through The Progspace!

Fans of heavier progressive metal have been latching on to Apeiron Bound‘s new album ‘Multiplicity’ like crazy since it’s release and to celebrate this, the band now launched a new music video for the song Absent Familiarity! And thanks to our friends at The Progspace, the video is getting an exclusive premiere through their website!  Continue Reading »

26-09-2022 – Avandra releases brand new single ‘Codename:Pharaoh’

Fans of progmetal can rejoice, because Avandra is back with a brand new single and video for the song ‘Codename:Pharaoh’! This song is the first track on the upcoming new album Prodigal which is slated for release on the 18th of November 2022 through Layered Reality Productions. The band’s singer and guitarist, Christian Ayala had  Continue Reading »