Started: 2003
Status: Active
Genre: Symphonic Progressive Metal

Lennert Kemper – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Vincent Reuling – Synths & Backing Vocals
Norbert Veenbrink – Guitars
Joey Klerks – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Hanna van Gorcum – Violins & Backing Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass Guitars
Kenneth Martens – Drums & Percussion
Tom de Wit – Vocals, Add. Synths & Percussion

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Products by TDW

Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To
Prog Metal
Aphrodisia EP
Prog Metal
The Antithetic Affiliation
Double CD + DVD
Prog Metal
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Song: Aphrodisia (The Antithetic Affiliation, 2017)

Song: Chameleon (Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To, 2014)

TDW is the acronym under which Dutch composer and singer Tom de Wit releases progressive metal music with a heavy dosage of symphonic sounds and diverse musical influences. The lyrical content of TDW details about emotional conflicts, humanity, life and death. Ever since the 2008 release “The Haunts”, Tom has been on a career path that can be described as non-compromising, self-made and outside of the musical norms. TDW has always been a studio solo project in which Tom would invite musicians to help him with fleshing out his ideas with 2014’s “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” (which was received very favorably by the press and fans alike) as a highpoint in this process.

2016 brought big changes with the birth of Dreamwalkers Inc. This brand new band was formed by Tom to perform the TDW music live on stages by a group of musicians that he selected and deemed good enough to do so. This band is therefore inexplicably linked with the TDW music and the logical next step in the creative and musical evolution of this project. Dreamwalkers Inc will take to a select group of stages in 2016 (With Progpower Europe as its debut performance for example!) and with the release of the new album in 2017 will plan a tour to promote the new record and play the TDW material from the past.

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