Started: 2011
Status: Active
Genre: Symphonic Dark Metal

Mylene van den Weijer – Vocals, Songwriting
Tom de Wit – Guitars, Synths, Programming, Backing Vocals
Martijn Luppens – Bass Guitar

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Nyx Aether @ Soundcloud

“…Be a consumer or become a creator…”

Nyx Aether started out as a concept in the year 2010. Mylene van den Weijer had musical aspirations for a longer time and her urge to create something of her own grew into a set of musical and lyrical idea’s that she wanted to translate into music.

The concept of the music would be focused around paganism, occultism and one person’s journey in discovering what these elements are and what they can add to one´s life.

Mylene got in touch with Tom de Wit (TDW, Mind:Soul and a producer/songwriter himself.) by a happy coincidence. After listening to her story and her ideas, he sat down with her and took the challenge to translate it into a full set of songs. Within a few months, the album entitled: “Entering Into Rebirth”, got into a workable shape thanks to the working chemistry between these two protagonists.

The album will feature 10 tracks that span symphonic soundscapes and bombastic operatic moments, infused with Doom-lade and death metal-esque parts. Almost one year after starting the process, the album is now finished and it will be released on the 1st of October of this year!

At this moment Nyx Aether has started out as a project but plans are to turn it into a full band and work on a new release once this band is completed.

Entering Into Rebirth

Song: Bittersweet Illusion (Entering Into Rebirth, 2012)

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Entering Into…     Brutalism    
    5/5 stars     Click me!
Entering Into…     Cosmo’s Gaming + Music    
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Entering Into…     Greek Rebels    
    7/10     Click me!
Entering Into…     Lords Of Metal    
    60/100     Click me!
Entering Into…     Metal Revolution    
    58/100     Click me!
Entering Into…     Power Of Metal    
    70/100     Click me!
Entering Into…    
    No Score     Click me!
Entering Into…     Wings Of Death    
    No Score     Click me!
Entering Into…     Zware Metalen    
    60/100     Click me!


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